Pricing – Important Things To Know

Wix pricing plans offer great value when we compare them to the pricing plans provided by any other of the drag & drop website builders. While Wix is the best all-round website builder available, the pricing range offered by the Wix is the most reasonable in the class. Using Wix, one can create a website without possessing refined technical skills.

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A quick look at Wix prices

Wix prices characteristically lie in the range of $13 to $500 monthly. But Wix bills users each year with an annual installment.

The most inexpensive plan made available by Wix is the combo plan – $13 monthly. This gives the users an ad-free site.

For freelancers, the $17 monthly unlimited plan is the best. If you’re an online seller, the $23 Wix Business Basic plan is the best choice for you. Wix also makes a free plan available for testing purposes.

Paying monthly offers more flexibility than paying yearly

When a user is billed monthly by Wix for 12 months, it is a little more expensive than being billed annually. But it brings in more flexibility into play and one can cancel the subscription at any time. It is a nice option to go for when one is on a tight budget.

Wix puts forth eight premium plans for your selection, and a freelance Wix developer can go ahead with an alternative that best meets his requirements. 

By going ahead with an annual plan, one saves somewhere between 17% and 33% on the annual bills paid. Moreover, features such as premium apps and vouchers, and free domains are included only in annual plans.

Upgrading to any paid plan lets Wix developers overcome Wix advertisements from his website. The $13 combo plan is a fine option to go ahead with at such times. This comes with options such as 3GB storage, 2GB bandwidth, 30 custom minutes, and a free custom domain.

The utility of Wix goes beyond eCommerce websites

Wix makes four plans available for Wix designers who are creating a Wix website other than an eCommerce store, such as a business site, portfolio, or blog. These four plans are the combo plan, unlimited plan, Pro Plan, and the VIP plan. They are priced in the range of $13 monthly to $39 monthly. For large websites, the VIP plan is the best option to go ahead with.

However, the combo plan nicely covers the requirements of most non-eCommerce websites, in particular, if one is just getting started. The ad removal and custom domain features enable a professional look for a website. A Wix designer can further upgrade to a more advanced plan whenever such is the requirement.

Best Wix eCommerce pricing plans

Wix makes three eCommerce plans available for users, priced in the range $23 to $49 monthly. Each is billed annually.

The Enterprise plan is also made available as an advanced business solution. It is priced at $500 monthly and is billed annually.

The most inexpensive Wix eCommerce plan is the Business Basic plan. It is the best plan to go ahead with when one gets started with his eCommerce store. 

If one runs a smaller sized online mall, he wouldn’t require upgrading sometime soon. $23 monthly equips one with more or less everything one requires.

Wix Enterprise plan for big businesses

Enterprise is the most advanced plan offered by Wix. It is priced at $500 monthly. While the features from Business VIP plans are made available, the plan enables personalized hands-on service by the Wix staff for Wix website designer. They help with on-boarding, setup, planning development and launch, and make services available for scaling the business. A business avails the services of an expert solutions partner, dedicated to their account. Related services include continual project monitoring and annual security audits.

How well does the Wix free plan work

The free plan allows one to create a Wix website slowly, and publish it for free as well. A few of the disadvantages that come into play with using the free plan are adverts and limited features. But the free plan helps get a feel of Wix.

The right time to upgrade

A user may want to upgrade to ensure that Wix web design delivers actual value. The right time to upgrade is when one starts selling products, or when the website represents professional services. Similarly, a user may upgrade if the website has begun to slow down or crash, or when one wants to promote his website. Upgrading will give a user a custom domain name.