Scotsman Ice Machine – The Best Of The Best

There are plenty of manufacturers out there building ice making machines, but only one Scotsman. This company is the biggest and the undisputed best in the industry. If you’re in the market for the finest quality and most efficient units, you can’t do better than a Scotsman ice machine. It’s the ‘no-hands-down’ leader of the pack.

As the largest ice machine manufacturer in the world, Scotsman currently has one million plus machines out there doing their jobs and doing them well. A big selling point is their ‘green’ appeal, promising the best energy saving and efficient machines available. They employ a ‘smart technology’ that makes their equipment not only extremely energy efficient but also self-monitoring, self-diagnosing and simple to maintain. Access to all the parts needed to be maintained is easily made through the front panels. These panels are held in place by a few easy to extract screws. It’s a very logical system to work with.

Scotsman builds the highest quality products in the industry and has received numerous awards for their efforts. In 2007 they were given the National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovations Award. A year before, they got the Western Food Service Expo’s ‘best new equipment’ award.

The manufacturing plant that builds Scotsman repair Prodigy (“the smartest, most reliable way to make fresh-tasting ice”) was voted one of the top ten plants in North America by Industry Week. Their ice machine was a finalist for 2007′s FCSI “Product of the Year Award.” The company is top shelf all the way.

scotsman ice machine repair

If you want to see some equipment and compare some prices all the info you could possibly need is just a few clicks away. Searching Google brings in more than 21,000 hits on this particular brand of ice machine. There are outlets all over the world and a definite price variation from one reseller to another. The Scotsman’s website is also very good and contains some well-made videos on different pieces of equipment.

Some of the ice machines are smaller portable units with large ice cube storage space. They’re commercial quality and run less than eight hundred dollars. Some outlets are even advertising this one for around six hundred dollars, which seems like quite a discount.

There’s also a complete line of larger, industrial grade machines for use in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc. They run a few thousand for the bigger ones, which is right in there with the cost of the competitors’ products. But there’s a difference, and it’s obvious just looking at the photos online. The Scotsman is made after years of innovative, cutting-edge technology were perfected. These are thinking machines that know exactly what to do, when to do it and when they need your help to keep doing it well. True marvels of ice cube (and ice flake) technology!

You know they’re making ice machines in China these days, but they can’t hold a candle to a Scotsman ice machine repair. No offence intended, but it’s like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Yugo. It’s a no-brainer. Have a look at the Scotsman.