How Can An Online MBA Advance Your Career?

Business professionals who desire to attain executive positions are increasingly earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to help them achieve this goal. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, between 1999 and 2009, the number of MBA degrees presented to students increased by approximately 50 percen

From fast-track Executive MBA degrees to Energy Management MBA programs focusing on sustainability, MBA Online Program is your path to the MBA program that can help you reach the next level in your career. The highlighted programs are designed to benefit adult learners and working professionals while our Career Path and MBA Guide pages are designed to give an informed outlook on continuing your education.

We distinguish ourselves by directly connecting you to the top colleges and universities that offer quality online MBA programs. This way, we can provide you the best information to make an informed decision. You can easily request information – such as catalogs and other curriculum-based information – about several online MBA programs at once, without visiting multiple sites. And more importantly, you can feel comfortable knowing that your inquiry will be received as quickly as possible.

MBA Degrees for Busy Working Professionals

Individuals who enroll in a MBA program have already been in their chosen career for several years. Although they may need a MBA to advance, they can’t afford to leave their jobs or reduce their hours. USC Marshall provides information on MBA programs tailored to the unique needs of adult learners. We connect MBA candidates to some of the top programs in the country.

At MBA Online Program, prospective students can request information from several accredited colleges and universities at the same time. Students save time and money by not having to visit or contact each potential school individually. A representative from each school will follow-up to answer specific questions about enrollment, curriculum, financial aid and other common concerns.

What You Should Look For In Your MBA Program

Students who are considering enrolling in an online MBA degree program should take the time to ensure that the college is accredited. Accreditation means that the school has voluntarily subjected itself to a rigorous review by a third-party accrediting agency. It assures students that they are receiving a valuable education for their investment. Accreditation also means that the school has fair admission policies, practices sound financial management and holds itself accountable to its mission statement. Colleges may choose to apply for regional accreditation, specialty accreditation or both.

The Benefits of Accreditation

By attending an accredited college, students increase their credibility to employers and other schools that they may transfer to in the future. Many employers don’t consider a degree earned from an unaccredited college to be valid. Also, some lenders will not provide financial aid to students who attend an unaccredited school. Students who choose to complete their MBA degree online sometimes have to contend with outdated stereotypes that they aren’t as serious about their career as students who went the traditional route. Accreditation helps online students gain the respect they deserve.

Fitting the Online MBA into a Busy Life

Earning a MBA degree online has many advantages over typical classroom instruction. The convenience factor is the one advantage that working adults find the most attractive. Online learning allows adult students to study, write papers and listen to classroom lectures when it fits into their schedule. The only thing that is necessary is a computer and an Internet connection. It doesn’t require advanced technical skills to complete an MBA program online. MBA candidates don’t have to quit their job or rearrange their family’s schedule to complete the training they need to get ahead. However, it does require effective time management skills and the ability to prioritize.

Most people enroll in an online MBA degree program because they want to earn more money. Employment statistics indicate that people with a MBA degree earn significantly higher salaries on average. In many organizations, it is impossible to get promoted to a management or executive position without a MBA. Hiring managers usually understand that completing a MBA degree takes a considerable amount of self-motivation. This is exactly the kind of quality that employers want in people in leadership roles. In a competitive business world, people with advanced degrees get noticed.

Some business people with great potential never enroll in a MBA program due to concerns about the cost. This is unfortunate, since there are many ways to reduce the out-of-pocket cost of earning a graduate degree. Prior to enrolling in a MBA program, employees should check their company’s policy on tuition reimbursement. This is a common benefit that many people fail to take advantage of. Employers may offer full or partial reimbursement based on years of service or the grade earned in each class. Grants and scholarship are also free money that does not have to be repaid. All avenues of free sources of financial assistance should be explored before applying for student loans.

When climbing the career ladder, it is important to have a wide network of business associates for future job leads. Online MBA students widen their network significantly by interacting with instructors and students from multiple locations. This is another advantage that the online MBA degree has over the traditional classroom experience.

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MBA Online Program is designed to create a clearer picture of what to expect throughout your learning experience. In addition to program-specific information, there are many considerations to make when weighing your decision.

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