A Guide To Highlight The Importance of Translation in Dubai

Dubai is the hub of the business world; apart from being a famous tourist spot and the most industrious capital of the world, Dubai attracts and inhabits all kinds of people from various ethnic backgrounds.

This diversity among the residing population in Dubai calls in need for translation in Dubai. Students, businessmen, entrepreneurs, tourists, teachers, and doctors come from various ethnically diverse backgrounds and constitute the major chunk of the population. 

As the official language of Dubai is Arabic and English is the second most common language spoken, this still doesn’t account for a vast percentage of the foreign population residing in Dubai. From Spain to Germany to Bangladeshi to Chinese, all these people require translation services to function in their daily lives, and also settle in their jobs, business or to simply have an enjoyable trip.

Types of Available Services for Translation in Dubai

Dubai welcomes all, and it caters well for all too. It is understandable then when people from different countries foreign to Arabic come to Dubai may seem somewhat lost. Even prior to their arrival, they often require legal translation services for the visa or immigration procedures.

From passports to Identity cards to birth certificates, everything needs to be translated so the government of UAE can understand the concerned applicant’s procedure.

In order for things to run smoothly, translation in Dubai serves a greater purpose. Apart from legal translation, educational translation, business translation, medical translation, tourist translation, commute translation and job application translations, all are types of translation services available in Dubai.

Legal Translation Services Available in Dubai:

Legal Translation Services Available in Dubai: ASLT

When it comes to legal translation, it means the translation of important legal documents that are needed by the government. It could be from your visa, passport, court orders, travel history, bank statements and so on.

When it comes to legal translation, one needs to be super careful as one mishap in the translation could be misunderstood and change the whole meaning of the entire document. To ensure the safety and accuracy of this translation, you need to hire a professional, reliable and talented legal translator.

Qualities of a Professional Legal Translator include:

  • Experienced
  • Master in Both languages concerned
  • Good reputation
  • Doesn’t overcharge
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • A national of UAE
  • Punctual
  • Has a legal understanding
  • Knowledgeable
  • Friendly

Business Translation in Dubai:

UAE is the center of the business world, from wealthy business owners to world-renowned industries all are established in the magnificent Dubai. Whether you want to start a new business or already want to grow your established one, you need to get those business deals and contracts translated. 

Whether you need a loan from a bank or you want to buy that building you have been eyeing on, all this needs to be documented and since you are doing it here in Dubai, you need to get those documents translated to Arabic. 

Often trade owners come to Dubai to build a partnership with Arab businessmen. This requires a lot of meetings, conversations, documentation and contracts. In order to understand and build your partnership safely, you need a business translator to help translate the conversation and then a legal business translator to help translate everything to Arabic. 

These documents can often be very tricky and a single mistake could cost you a fortune or even penalize you legally. When it comes to business, you need to keep in mind what kinds of documents might require a translation. Below is a list of a few to be aware of:

  • Property papers
  • Business contracts
  • Any agreements
  • Bank transfers
  • The entire report of the meeting
  • Bonds
  • Conditions
  • Receipts
  • Bank loans
  • Accounting documents

Educational Translation in Dubai:

Educational Translation in Dubai: ASLT

International students love to come to the prestigious institutions of Dubai, but since the official language is Arabic, not many of them speak it and their educational documents aren’t in Arabic as well. Whether to secure admission, graduate or come for an exchange program, you need to get those certificates and degrees translated. Following are some documents that require translation to Arabic for sure:

  • Transcripts
  • Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • LORS
  • CV
  • Research proposals
  • Personal Statements
  • Internships experience
  • Research papers

Medicolegal Translation in Dubai: 

Health is wealth, and wherever you go, whether as a visitor and employee or a student, your health should always be insured. Doctors here often use Arabic and English as mediums to communicate and hospitalize their patients. 

As a foreigner, you need to make sure that your important medical documents are translated so your doctor can understand your medical condition and be well aware of your history. Following medicolegal documents should be translated to Arabic when deciding to come to Dubai:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Medical history
  • Drug history and prescriptions
  • Important medical tests
  • Health certificates
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Ultra-sound reports

Tourist Translation in Dubai:

Dubai is known for tourism and shopping; from luxurious hotels and resorts to the famous Burj Khalifah, UAE is the prime choice to celebrate the new year. If you are planning a vacation to Dubai, these translation services will help you immensely and make your journey super memorable. Following are some tourist services available for international travelers:

  • Broacher translation services
  • Cab and travel guide translation services
  • Hotel translation services
  • Food service translations
  • Driver license translation services
  • Travel package translation services

Translation Services Needed for Job Applications:

Translation Services Needed for Job Applications: ASLT

Following are some documents you should get translated to Arabic when applying for jobs in UAE:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Work experience
  • Resume
  • CV
  • Salary slips
  • Publications
  • Degrees and transcripts
  • Researches


Translation in Dubai provides international people an opportunity to make their experience easy, comfortable and safe. Whether you are coming for a vacation or trying to settle your business, these services will ensure your safety. 

If you want to study in UAE or to explore jobs here, we have got you covered. This guide helps you understand the need for translation services in Dubai and will probably give you an idea of the things to keep in mind when coming to Dubai, whether for a visit or to settle permanently.