Safety Guidelines to Follow While Using CSSD Products

CSSD Products and their uses

Central Sterile Supply Department is an important part of any hospital responsible for preparing, processing, cleaning, storing, and issuing sterile or non-sterile medical equipment. Surgical dressings, packaging materials, and indicator tapes are all available from CSSD. These CSSD products are manufactured by maintaining all safety guidelines using non-toxic materials. These items comply with hygienic factors because of their high absorbency level.

Surgical Bandages

  • RO Gauze: The RO Gauze is a kind of wet, moldable plaster gauze strip that molds around a base that sticks to itself or any porous substance. The RO Gauze is non-toxic and smooth, and it is bleached in a sterile environment to 100K/10K standards. These surgical gauze strips are easy to tear and made with the highest quality medical-grade paper.
  • OT Gauze: Our OT Gauze Swabs and cotton swabs come in various folds and can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs. These cotton swabs are gentle on the skin, hypoallergenic, and absorbent. The most common use of these swabs is in general wound care, including cleaning and dressing wounds.
  • Ward Gauze: Sterilized Ward Gauze is another CSSD product created from B.P. and I.P. type gauze with chlorine-free bleach. These cotton swabs are gentle on the skin and have a high absorbency level. These cotton swabs are available in a variety of diameters, plies, and thread counts and can be folded in American or French folds, as well as tailored to meet our patients’ individual needs.

Sterilization Packaging

Safety Guidelines to Follow While Using CSSD Products

CSSD products also include material sued in sterilization packaging, which includes sterilization paper and sterilization flat reels. They are made using Medical Grade paper+PET/CPP film. Its most common use is in hospitals to pack medical equipment and disposables. These sterilizing paper, flat reels are usually disinfected with ethylene oxide, radiation, and steam and form a robust sterile barrier.

Paper for Sterilization

Sterilisable Paper has a large seal area to avoid blowouts and is made of 45 lb medical quality paper, laminated film, and a big seal area. This paper is commonly used as a kind of indicator to show the presence of any chemicals during the treatment of patients. While the white sterilizing paper is made to withstand heat, the blue poly-film part indicates the presence of chemicals. 

Indicator Tapes

Steam indicator tapes are used to identify processed products while also securing sterilization packets Services quickly. Color change indicators are used to confirm sterilization procedure exposure. These steam indication tapes, also known as sterilization indicator tapes, come in different sizes. These indication tapes, commonly used in CSSD departments, are cut 1 inch long and adhered to the packets to be sterilized.


The CSSD products manufactured by the department are made to produce decontaminated, sterile medical equipment for the treatment of patients. The processing, storage, and distribution facilities provided by the CSSD play a key role in the medical industry.