The Benefits of Consulting a LaMonaca Law Team

How Can the LaMonaca Law Team Approach Help You?

How can our LaMonaca Law team approach help you? At LaMonaca Law, we utilize a team consisting of a tailored group of attorneys, paralegals and support staff.  As soon as your case enters the firm, it will be analyzed, discussed, and assigned to those team members who can best address your specific needs and goals.  Much like each case has varying facts, each member of LaMonaca Law has different strengths.  We match those strengths with the needs and goals of each client, making our team approach both valuable and effective.

We have also developed specialty teams, including our Forensic Support Team, Appellate Unit, and Child Custody Unit.  These specialty teams consist of individuals who have a vast understanding and extensive experience regarding the laws and issues that may arise in the many aspects of a family law case.

LaMonaca Law Team Consulting

In addition to our specialty teams, as a case moves through the legal process, there are times when other professionals or experts are also included on our teams.  We have built strong relationships with many professionals, and we work in conjunction with them to develop the best possible path forward for our clients. With the inclusion of these professionals, it has made our team approach even more successful over the years.

While the client always remains in control of the path the case will take, our team approach allows each client to have a group of people on board, to fight for him/her, and help alleviate his/her fears.

If you have a family law case or have questions about our team approach, call 484-440-9284 or click for assistance from our experienced legal team.

The Benefits of an Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is an important part of the process of retaining an attorney.  Some local family law firms offer free consultations, and you may be tempted to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney who offers free legal advice.  However, these free consultations can cost you in the long run.

A free consultation is often little more than a rushed sales pitch.  The goal is to spend as little time possible and focus on getting you signed up as fast as possible, then worry about what your actual needs and goals are.

At LaMonaca Law, our attorneys will take the time necessary to fully understand your needs, identify your goals, and formulate a strategy towards achieving those goals.  We will explain the entire process to you and work with you to design a tailor-made plan.  We will present you with options from which to choose. In doing so, we will offer our experienced counsel and advice as to what path will be most likely to achieve your particular goals.

Benefits of Family Lawyer

When you have a consultation at LaMonaca Law, you can be assured that you will leave the office with an understanding of what the law is, and how the law applies to your specific set of facts. You can also be assured that the advice you receive at the consultation is based upon your best interest. Should you decide to retain the firm, you will know that you have a strong advocate on your side to fight for your rights and those of your children.

When scheduling a consultation, please inform our office if there are any pending hearings, deadlines for filing an appeal, or any other reason why you may need an immediate appointment. We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule in setting an appointment.

We are available to help.  If you are unable or do not feel safe visiting us in person, Virtual LaMonaca Law allows us to be in touch by phone or video conference.