How to Know Your Neck is Broken or Sprained

If you want to find some pain management doctors near me that can help you with neck in your pain, you might be suffering from a sprained or broken neck. When you have sharp pain in your neck and you are sure it is either a fracture or sprain, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly what is going on. Below, the people from Performance Pain have prepared some information on this topic for you reference before coming in.

What Defines a Broken Neck?

A broken neck is where one or several vertebrae in your neck get chipped off, snapped apart, develop cracks, and so on. If the bone in your vertebrae is compromised, then the issue is a break and not a sprain. Of course, breaks can also come along with sprains depending on how the injury came about. Broken necks can be just as serious of an injury as a sprained neck.

What Defines a Sprained Neck?

A sprain in your neck can be very painful to deal with. In fact, a sprained neck can even be as painful as a broken neck. However, a strain occurs when the ligaments that hold bones together are torn, stretched, and so on. This can manifest in a lot of pain while moving your neck, making it difficult to tell if the neck is sprained or broken.

Check the Swelling

In both a sprained and broken neck, we will usually find swelling present. However, those with broken necks with usually find a lot more swelling than those with a sprained neck. If the swelling seems very severe, then the neck might be broken. If it is mild-intermediate levels of swelling, then it might just be a sprain.

Pain from Movement

The pain that you feel while moving your neck is often very telling if the issue is a break or a sprain. Sprains will often have pain that feels like it is taking place in more than one precise location. You can also usually feel some relief while massaging the injured area that is sprained. A fracture in your neck is almost always very difficult to move, touch, and so on.

You Need an X-Ray to be Sure

If you search around for pain management doctors near me and find one that can give you an x-ray, this is usually the best way to know for sure whether or not you have a fracture in your neck. X-rays are still the best way that a physician can look at the vertebrae in your neck or any other bone inside the human body.

Ready to See a Professional That Can Tell You If You Have a Break or Sprain?

The best way to quickly find out whether you have a break or a sprain is to search around for pain management doctors near me that can take you in and examine what is going on personally. If you want to have a medical professional check out what is going on, you are invited to come in and see us here at Performance Pain. We have a free consultation waiting for you as our first-time client.