Is Hampstead NC a Good Place to Live?

Before you start searching through the houses for sale Hampstead NC then you should first spend some time learning about what this city has to offer. If you have been searching through smaller towns in NC as potential places to live, this is one of the options you will inevitably come across. Below, we will break down 5 reasons why Hampstead, NC is a great place to live.

1. Small Town Feel

One of the biggest reasons that people enjoy living in Hampstead is that there is a nice small-town feel that is mixed with a modern suburban feel. With about 4,500 people living in Hampstead, you can easily get yourself acquainted with your neighbors and start blending yourself well into the community here. Many people prefer small towns for reasons like these.

2. Close to the Ocean

For many people, being close to the ocean is a big selling point when trying to determine where they want to live. If you make yourself at home in Hampstead NC, you will always be within striking distance to the ocean. This will make it easy for you and the family to go out and catch some sun rays on the beach on a nice summer day.

3. Very Safe Environment

Hampstead has a relatively low amount of crime, making it safer than most other USA cities. Therefore, if you want a nice small town to relax in without always being on the lookout for thieves and criminals, this might be the best destination for you to consider. It is also safer in Hampstead than many other cities in the state of North Carolina.

4. Reasonable Prices for Property

One of the reasons that you people pick Hampstead NC as a home, or any small town for that matter, are the reasonable rates that exist for property. If you have been searching around for property that won’t cost you your entire savings, picking a small town like Hampstead is often a great choice to consider. You can always use your time here to save up money for moving into the home you have been eyeing in the big city.

5. Close to the Big City

If you buy one of the houses for sale in Hampstead NC then you will be within a short driving distance to bigger cities like Fayetteville and Raleigh. Charlotte is about 4 hours away driving. Many people are okay with this as Hampstead has just about everything you need right in town. You can also order products online in order to get the big city prices without moving anywhere.

Thinking of Buying a Home in North Carolina?

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